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About MCMP


There is no exact recipe when helping the youth. They are all unique, with different backgrounds, and each one of them carries a different experience in life, but there’s one thing that doesn’t change: all the youth, with no exception, have the desire to be involved in a cause bigger than themselves.

My City My Passion is a project for the youth who want to serve in the cities close to where they live, without the need to spend thousands of dollars to experience a mission trip. The project consists of four parts: (1) leadership training (2) community service through acts of compassion, (3) friendship and recreational activities and (4) personal growth. 

Our first My City My Passion happened in 2014 with only 14 youth, two of whom were our daughters. Since then, My City My Passion has grown, and hundreds of young people have dedicated a week of their Summer vacation to serving their communities. 

We hope you join us to make a difference in serving the community around you! 


Dr. Paulo Macena

MCMP Founder of MCMP 

Cristina Macena

MCMP Co-founder & Program Coordinator

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