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MCMP Rules for the week


  1. You are here to make friends - RESPECT is important at all times.


  3. NO ELETRONICS ALLOWED. Electronics will be taken from you during the day. You will have them back at evening time for 45 minutes only to call your parents and check on your Snap Chat. 

  4. OBEY YOUR COUNSELOR. Each group will have a counselor, please respect and obey your counselor at all times.

  5. REPORT TO YOUR COUNSELOR. You have to report to your counselor wherever you are going. Even bathroom time has to be reported.

  6. LIGHTS OUT. Lights out will be at 11pm. Please, respect the lights out rule. Our days will be packed of activities and you will need a good night of rest.

  7. NO BOYS ARE ALLOWED at any time in girls' bathrooms or rooms, the same goes for the girls, NO GIRLS ARE ALLOWED on boy's bathrooms or rooms.  If you don’t comply with this rule your parents will be called to pick you up immediately.

  8. Participation during TRAINING TIME is MANDATORY. Check the schedule and be there on time along with your counselor and group.

  9. NO WANDERING ALLOWED. You are required of participating in ALL activities. You are not allowed to stay in your room or wander around by yourself. Please, stick with the group.

  10. HAVE FUN AND MAKE FRIENDS! We really hope you leave this place with memorable experiences.


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